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Frank Jaffer

Frank Jaffer

Managing Director

We believe the best solutions are found only by working together

Years in Australia

Years of Senko

Senko Advanced Components Australia was founded by Frank Jaffer in 1999. As an early player in the fibre optic space, Frank’s aim was to bring the best of the global fibre optic industry to the Australian market. Frank was looking for integrity, quality, flexibility, and value for money. He found his partner in Japan – at the SENKO Global Group.

SENKO and Frank share a core common principle: our industry is about investment in a shared future. This means putting our customers’ long term needs first.

Senko Advanced Components Australia are problem solvers, and passionate industry advocates. We excel in understanding the needs of our customers, and we pride ourselves on our advisory integrity. As a manufacturer and trading firm, our emphasis is on pragmatic long-term outcomes for customers.

Out of a deep respect for the confidentiality of our partners, we do not share case studies or customer portfolios publicly. We welcome you to talk to us regarding your specific requirements, and we will be glad to establish our credentials in an appropriate way.

SENKO is always looking for creative, energetic, innovative people to join our team. If you are currently entitled to work in Australia, either as an Australian citizen, permanent resident or holder of an appropriate visa and you would like to express interest in joining the SENKO team, please email a covering letter and CV to [email protected].