FC-8R series Cleavers

Introducing the successor to the popular FC-7 series cleaver by Sumitomo Electric Industries.


  • Cleave single up to 12 ribbon fibres single-handedly
  • Ideal when working in confined spaces with limited working space
  • Switch between rotating and fixed blade options
  • In-built Smart cleave counter (FC-8R-FC model only)
  • Very user friendly and easy to use
  • Larger capacity off-cut bin
  • 25% lighter than the FC-7 series

Demonstration and operation videos below.

FC-8R-FC with in-built cleave counter in close and locked position.

Installation of single fibre adapter and fibre holders are automatically aligned with precision by the white spring.


Switch between the rotating (R) and fixed blade (O) options by turning the screw.

FC-8R-FC in its unlocked half-open position.

Pre-load the blade and cleave the fibre singled-handedly by closing the lid

Large capacity off-cut collector

Switch between two lid angles by sliding the white tab

The open lid position is suitable for bench top operation and provides easy access for cleaning and maintenance.