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Direct Core Monitoring Fusion Splicer

Ultra-fast, ultra-reliable splicing – in every environment.

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Pure Productivity

2.1kg with battery.

200 splices & heat cycles per charge.

Dual independent ovens for maximum productivity.

6 seconds per splice.

14 seconds per heat shrink.

Powerful, yet Simple.

Pure Touch-driven Design, with Buttons for Quick Access

Easy to Learn, with Integrated Multimedia Tutorials

4.1″ Large Screen

Unlike many new players, Sumitomo fusion splicers have been designed based on over 15 years of intensive installer feedback, and are now the tool of choice for productive installers.

Type 71 Fusion Splicing
Type 71 - Rain-proofing



Built Tough. Designed for Reliability.

Works in all Australian Weather Conditions

Drop-proof from bench height (5 faces).

IP52 dust/water rated.

Rugged container with portable work-bench attachment included.

Web-based remote diagnostics

Melbourne-based service centre.



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Sumitomo Type 71C+ Specifications

Applicable optical fiberMaterialSilica Glass
Profile type

Single Mode Fiber (SMF)/ITU-T G652

Multi Mode Fiber (MMF)/ITU-T G651

Dispersion Shifted Fiber (DSF)/ITU-T G653

Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber (NZ-DSF)/ITU-T G655, G656

Bend Insensitive Fiber (BIF)/ITU-T G657

Erbium Doped Fiber (EDF)

Number of fiberSingle
Cladding diameterφ80 to φ150 μm *1
Coating diameterφ100 to φ1,000 μm
Cleave length

5 to 16 mm (with coating clamp)

10mm (Drop cable / Indoor cable with fiber holder)

Applicable Cable*2*30.25 mm primary coated 1-fiber drop cable3.1mm or 2.6mm×2.0mm (excluding messenger steel wire)
0.25 mm primary coated 1-fiber indoor cable2.0mm×1.6mm
Splice PerformanceSplice loss (typical)*4

SMF : 0.02 dB

MMF: 0.01 dB

DSF : 0.04 dB

NZDSF : 0.04 dB

Screening load (typical)1.96N - 2.09N (at stage)
Splice time (typical)

Approx. 6 seconds (SM G652 Quick Mode)

Approx. 7 seconds (SM G652 Std.Mode)

Approx. 8 seconds (Auto Mode)

Splice & Heat cycles*5Approx. 230 cycles
Splice programMaximum 300 splice programs can be selected and customized.
Splice data storage10,000 splices
Splice image capture200 splices
Fiber Alignment methodCoreAligns the left and right fibers by the center of their cores.

The alignment method mainly for BIF. It is used in splicing

optical fiber with complicated core profiles.

DiameterAligns the left and right fibers by their outer diameter.
AIASThe axis is moved beforehand. AIAS is effective to splicing of fiber with high eccentricity.

“Attenuation”. Fibers are spliced by shifting the centers of the left and right fiber cores to achieve intentional high splice


Heater PerformanceThe number of heaters2 built-in heaters are available
Sleeve lengthUp to 60mm
Protection sleeve *6

The protection sleeve for single fiber, up to 60mm

length, up to φ5mm diameter.


FPS-1 (single, 60mm, Cleave length 5-16mm)

FPS-61-2.6 (thin, single, 60mm, Cleave length 5-16mm)

FPS-40 (single, 40mm, Cleave length 5-10mm)

FPS-40-2.6 (thin, single, 40mm, Cleave length 5-10mm)

Heating time(typical) *7

Approx. 14 seconds (Slim 60mm 0.25 Quick Mode)

Approx. 18 seconds (Slim 60mm 0.25 Std. Mode)

ProgramMax. 100 settings
Physical CharacteristicsSize (Main body) *8120W×154D×130H(mm)
WeightApprox. 2.1 kg (With Battery pack BU-11)
Display size4.1" touch screen color LCD display
V-groove illuminationWhite LED
Power ConditionsPower consumptionMax. 100W
AC operation

With AC adapter ADC-1430S

Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.1A

DC operationInput: DC 10-15V, 7.5A
Battery operation(With BU-11) 11.1V (4600mAh)
DC output12V For Sumitomo’s hot jacket remover
In - Out TerminalSerial portUSB 2.0 mini-B type
Storage mediaSD / SDHC memory card
Environmental ConditionsOperating temperature-10 to +50°C
Storage temperature-40 to +80°C
Humidity0 to 95%RH with no dew present
AltitudeUp to 6,000 m
Environmental Durability*9Shock resistanceDrop from 76cm on 5 faces (Excluding top face)
Water resistanceEquivalent to IPx2 (Operates normally after being exposed to water dripping at 3mm/min. for at least 2.5 min on each of 4 surfaces tilted at 15 degree.)
Dust resistanceEquivalent to IPx5 (Operates normally after 8 hours in a dust chamber containing dust of particle size 75 um or below)

*1 Cladding diameters, except φ125μm, are applicable only for splicing in room temperature.

*2 Fiber holders appropriate for the fiber coating and fiber count are required.

*3 These fiber holders cannot be used with loose tube cable which optical fiber is free to move about in.

*4 With Sumitomo identical fibers (in room temperature). Measured by cut-back method relevant to ITU-T and IEC standards.

*5 Splice & Heat cycles may vary depending on the battery status and the operating environment.

*6 The 40mm protection sleeves can be used only if the cleave length is less than 10mm. Do not use the 40mm protection sleeves for fibers with more than φ250μm coatings.

*7 With Sumitomo protection sleeve FPS-61-2.6, Coating diameter φ250μm (in room temperature, powered with AC adapter, DC output port not in use)

*8 The projection parts are excluded.

*9 Confirms the battery operation in tests carried out by Sumitomo. Does not guarantee that the product is free of faults or damage.