We are specialised Fixed, Mobile and Fixed-Mobile Convergence Design Specialists

We provide Planning, Design and Network Optimisation Services for range of Fixed, Mobile and Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) Technologies.

Our Network Planning, Design & Optimisation Services Include:

  • Desktop Study and base map creation
  • Preliminary Designs
  • High-Level Designs (HLD)
  • Detailed and Low-level Designs (LLD)
  • Network Rollout Designs
  • RoW / Permit Designs
  • Field Survey Support
  • As-Built Designs
  • Network Integration Designs
  • Day-to-Day network update designs

Our Capabilities:

Our unique capability is to deliver designs for various architectures and topologies including Green & Brownfields and Centralised & Distributed networks – it be either Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint, we have capability, capacity and experience.

We deliver faster and high accurate designs leveraging our capability to deploy onsite SME Coordinators and offshore design teams.

Senko engineers are experienced in telecommunications planning, design, cost analysis, equipment proposition, network optimization, implementation, integration, testing, commissioning, operations and maintenance of all major communications infrastructure.

Exclusively, our design team comes with years of core design experience, network optimization, designing multi-technologies network infrastructure for various fixed and mobile networks.

Our design team has experience in performing the optimized network designs using various vendor design/GIS systems/platforms including GE-Smallworld, Ericsson-NE, Hexagon, SpatialNET, ESRI/MapInfo, AutoCAD, Microstation and other GIS platforms.