Project Management

Efficient and responsible project management is key to any successful enterprise delivery. No matter how carefully planned a scheme is, without competent supervision and coordination, any project is likely to become an indescribable headache. We have the experience to meet the challenges of any project management that you are undertaking, locally and internationally. SENKO’s strength lies in the project communication infrastructure developed over the years to offer our customer a world of services. SENKO’s project management services suite includes:

Project Planning

Senko’s experience in the fibre optic project management vertical provides you the insights you need for project success. We’ll work with you to come to appropriate project plans, scope of work, objectives, approach and key success factors.

Project Management

SENKO will account for the availability of a project manager with relevant skills and experience to take responsibility for the management of your project (resource planning, development monitoring, escalation, financials and etc).

Post-Implementation Review

Including reporting on delivery, outlining learning points and making recommendations on improvements. In addition, SENKO will share the knowledge to the client through a comprehensive training and knowledge transfer program.

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